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Akashi Sketch by MoonLightSadness10 Akashi Sketch :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 1 0 Kise x Tamaki Crossover by MoonLightSadness10 Kise x Tamaki Crossover :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 1 0 Lumi by MoonLightSadness10 Lumi :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 5 2 Clara Inari (Redraw) by MoonLightSadness10 Clara Inari (Redraw) :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 1 2 Got Candy? by MoonLightSadness10 Got Candy? :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 3 0 Blushing Seijuro by MoonLightSadness10 Blushing Seijuro :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 0 0 mukkun and sweets by MoonLightSadness10 mukkun and sweets :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 3 4 Aomine Daiki and Flower Crown by MoonLightSadness10 Aomine Daiki and Flower Crown :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 1 0 Generation of Miracles + Kuroko Eyes by MoonLightSadness10 Generation of Miracles + Kuroko Eyes :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 4 0 Asahi  by MoonLightSadness10 Asahi :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 0 0 Yachi Hitoka by MoonLightSadness10 Yachi Hitoka :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 2 0 Smirking Sei by MoonLightSadness10 Smirking Sei :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 0 0 Atsushi by MoonLightSadness10 Atsushi :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 1 0 Flower Crown Aizen by MoonLightSadness10 Flower Crown Aizen :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 0 0 Akashi by MoonLightSadness10 Akashi :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 2 0 Eye practice by MoonLightSadness10 Eye practice :iconmoonlightsadness10:MoonLightSadness10 4 4


One-Punch-Man: Free Pose Reference by ERA-7S One-Punch-Man: Free Pose Reference :iconera-7s:ERA-7S 63 7 HAND poses by ImoonArt HAND poses :iconimoonart:ImoonArt 1,481 57 Believing in you by ShaniNeko Believing in you :iconshanineko:ShaniNeko 136 12
Restrictions [kagami taiga x pregnant!reader]
"[Name]! Don't touch that!" Kagami yelled as he saw you picking up the pieces of glass you dropped. He quickly grabbed your arm, pulling you away from the mess. 
"Taiga, you're over reacting again." You frowned as he pushed you inside the bathroom.
"Am not!" He closed the door on you. "Just take a bath, okay?"
Sighing, you took off your clothes, placing them in the laundry basket. Being eight and a half month pregnant, you were due anytime soon. Kagami has gotten into over protection mode, worried something might happen to you and his baby girl. 
You stepped inside the tub, shivering once you felt the lukewarm water. After you finished your bath, you saw Kagami shoving everything sharp or things that might cut you inside an drawer. 
"Taiga, just what the hell are you doing?" You asked.
He sheepishly grinned and ruffled his hair. "Making sure you don't get hurt?"
You walked towards him and gently cupped his face. "Look, I know you're worried about me and our baby but it's
:iconbakabaek:bakabaek 431 39
Care is Essential {Akashi / Pregnant! Reader}[REQ]
requested by Sakuxra (on Wattpad)
I hope you enjoy this story! ^^
"Mm..." You fluttered your eyes open as you awoke to a palatable aroma of bacon and eggs being cooked. You slowly sat up, trying not to disturb the life growing inside of you. The door creaked open and your red-haired husband came into view, holding a tray with water and a plate with bacon and eggs (With utensils, of course!). "Good morning." He smiled at you and sat on a chair beside your bed, placing the tray on his lap.
"Seijurō, you didn't have to do this.. Y'know I can still walk by myself, right?" You said, rubbing your belly. 
"I can't have you exerting too much energy. It would be a strain on you and the baby." He replied, cutting the bacon and eggs into pieces.
"Ah, I can do that myself-"
"No. I'll feed you." Seijurō calmly said as he pierced the ends of the fork into a piece of the egg and brought it near your mouth.
You blinked at it. "Is it really necessary for you to feed me even if I can mo
:iconromanosvargass:romanosvargass 347 29
pay attention [aomine daiki x reader]
You didn't know why, but you enjoyed visiting your boyfriend, Aomine, everyday even though he was asleep half the time. Sometimes, he'd be awake—just barely—and you'd talk nonsense all night when his parents weren't home. And, yes, they almost never were.
Sometimes, he'd even give you his clothes to wear. It was usually a pair of sweats and a baggy shirt. You didn't mind though. His clothes were comfortable. They'd always linger with the scent of him or his laundry detergent. Surprisingly, he never failed to smell really good even with how lazy he was on a daily basis. You'd wonder, once in awhile, if he ever took showers. Good thing he did.
But, that's not really the point.
Tonight, you weren't even talking to him or nagging at him to stay awake with you until you fell asleep. You were minding your own business and it kinda bothered Aomine. No, it actually really ticked him off. He was just lying on his bed with his arms tucked under his head as a pillow, waiting for you t
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 918 49
flustered [akashi seijuurou x reader]
"My dear [Name]."
You looked up from your laptop screen, slightly tilting your head to the side. Akashi truly believed that this level of cute behavior should be illegal. Everything about you seemed to scream 'moe' and he really had to fight the urges of wanting to pin you down and bruise your slightly parted lips with a rough kiss.
"Are you finished typing your essay?" he asked.
You sighed loudly and rubbed your temples. "Eh, no. I still have five hundred words to go."
"Maybe you should take a short break." Akashi leaned back against your headrest with his arms crossed over his chest, and a historical novel in his lap as he stared you down—in a loving way—making you blush to the tip of your ears. He found your reaction to his teasing too damn amusing.
"With you around? Haha, no. I probably won't be able to focus again."
"Well, it was worth a try." He smiled softly.
His bright smile made your flushed cheeks deepened a darker hue of pink. It was unsurprising ho
:iconokumurachanchan:okumurachanchan 734 39
kiss me| akashi seijuro
    kiss me | akashi seijuro x reader
it would be great if you listened to this while reading!
    "Oh, it's raining." You mutter faintly, opening the curtains slightly. "I suppose I should stay for a while."
    Pulling the jacket closer to you, you lay down the bed. As you stare at the cream-colored ceiling, your thoughts drift off to last night's events. His eyes, which had been burning with a fiery passion, his smooth lips, which were murmuring sweet nothings into your ear-- A heavy blush settles over your cheeks as you pull the covers over your head in embarrassment.
    "(Name)?" A soft-spoken voice rang to your ears, "I'm done."
    "Okay..." You take off the blanket that's been covering you and you saw Akashi with a towel on his head and only wearing boxers.
    A maid enters the bedroom, handing you over a towel, undergarment
:iconlunarosej:lunarosej 223 37
Akashi x Reader --Blush
Note:This happened after the Seirin Rakuzan match so Akashi Seijuro is back to his old self.
Akashi called (Name)'s name with a smoothing tone for the second time of the day. With his elbow resting on the dinning table, Akashi rested his head on the knuckles of his right hand as he look over to (Name)(or rather he has been staring at her for the past 10 minutes)with loving eyes. 
"Hmm, what is it, Sei-kun?" (Name) replied with a small and gentle smile as she used her knife and fork to cut her French toast into smaller pieces in an elegant manner, despite knowing the fact that Akashi has called her name for no apparent reason.
"...I Love (Name)." Akashi was wordless for a second but replied nonetheless with the same smoothing tone. 
A small tint of blush was spread across (Name)'s cheeks as she quickly, forked up a piece of her French toast into her mouth in attemp
:iconwei1006:wei1006 124 18
Tickle Fight With The Captain||Levi X Reader||
"Levi Heichou~" You called out to Levi your...well...lover. He looked up from his papers, and met with your (e/c) eyes.
"Yes (Y/n)?" He lifted one eyebrow up, while he spun his black pen around in his fingers. You smiled cheerfully and brought your chair over to his side. You leaned your head on his tense shoulder, that soon relaxed once he felt your touch.
"Guess what?" You questioned.
"I love you." You said while nuzzling your head on his shoulder. He chuckled, and brought his hand up to your face, placing his thumb and index finger on your chin. He turned around in his chair to face you, making you bring your head off his shoulder and look him in the eyes. You smiled softly, as he leaned in and placed his lips on top of yours. They moved slowly against yours, until he pulled away, and stared at your features lovingly.
"I love you more." He finally spoke. You giggled and pecked his lips once more.
"You should take a break, you've been working non stop for the past hour..." Yo
:iconwolvespridestudios:WolvesPrideStudios 1,036 216
Neko!Levi x Reader - Stupid Cat
Warning - Hints of cursing is involved. Please read at your own risk. Also very short. Gomen.
- - - - - - - 
A growl escaped from your lips as your cat, Levi, was complaining about how he never got to have enough sleep.
You didn't listen of course.
He always complained.
Even if he slept for hours or years, he would still bother you about how awfully tired he was..
It was very annoying in your opinion.
"Lazy cat."
You murmured under your breath, thinking that he couldn't hear your insult.
Oh but he did. 
And he didn't like it.
He scowled and scratched your leg, damaging your pants and leaving a scratch on your soft skin.
You hissed in pain and held your ankle, cursing and glaring at the cat beside you.
"Don't blame me you brat."
"Who could I not? You fucking scratched me!"
"You're the one that called me a 'Lazy cat.'"
"You called me a brat!"
He rolled his eyes.
"You are one and I always do. You should be used to it by now."
As always, you both ended up arguing.
:iconsorrynotsorrycupcake:sorrynotsorrycupcake 109 40
Eren x Reader - Punishment
You clenched your fist when you heard the bickering of Horsefac- I mean Jean and your own boyfriend Eren, fighting about something greatly stupid once again.
It was interesting at first to see the two fighting but soon it got seriously old and annoying.
Mostly since you were the one who had to break it up every single time.
Both of the boys froze at the sound of your voice. 
They always knew what you would do if they fought.
They also knew that it was VERY painful!
You stood up from your seat and headed towards the two, cracking your knuckles.
They gulped.
They started slowly backing up to the wall.
You smirked, stopping in your tracks for awhile.
"You do know how annoyed of this I am right?"
They nodded.
"And you know how much I want to hurt you when you fight.. Right?"
"Then why do you do it?"
You glared making their bodies shiver.
Everyone was normally eating, this happened normally.
Eren spoke up.
"(N-Name).. Y-Yo
:iconsorrynotsorrycupcake:sorrynotsorrycupcake 240 87
Boop You Little Brat (LeviXReader)
(General warning about language because it wouldn’t be Levi without it)
Tugging the blankets fully over your head, you turned your body to the wall, attempting to ignore the voice.
“[F/n], get your ass outta bed!” The voice said, clearly getting pissed off as they were once again ignored.
The voice let out a snort of exasperation.  “Fine.  I tried, Krista.  She’s not moving, so let’s just go, I don’t need to get in trouble with shortstack again.”  The sound of stomping footsteps retreating from your little nest followed, along with the door opening and slamming shut.
Taking in a deep breath, you exhaled slowly.  Finally, now I can sleep… You thought as your body slipped back into slumber, resuming some weird-ass dream that Jean was actually half horse and Sasha had turned into a giant potato. (Im really sorry I just haD TO)
Levi narrowed his eye
:iconkokohanek:kokohanek 1,313 301
Let It Be |LevixReader| One-Shot
    It was a very dark and gloomy day at the Survey Corps head quarters. Rain poured down in sheets and lightning crackled across the skies in brilliant colors of purple and yellow. Many would be sitting around doing their own thing but today something was happening. Something that would change the lives of everyone.........
    When I find myself in times of trouble

Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me

Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

    "(name) just hold on a little longer. We are going to fix you up okay. Just hold on." Levi told me as he squeezes my hand, the one that I had left. The expedition was a complete failure, the whole squad had gotten destroyed by the female titan, and I was the only one who survived, but I too was slowly slipping away. I looked around the small infirmary where they were try
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 53 24
King (Child!LevixChild!Reader)
Levi watched as a girl no more than six, his age, ran away from a burly men. She glanced his way for just a mere few seconds, her (color) eyes burrowing into his soul. She made a movement with her mouth that wasn't a smirk or even a smile. Just a simple grin. He glared at her and got out from his cover,  and watched as she pulled a knife from her pocket and stabbed the man in the gut. He cried out in pain and grabbed for her, but was kicked down by Levi. She huffed and kicked the man in the face before running away again. Levi followed.
    "What do you want?" The girl asked as she stopped in a dark alley. Levi looked at her confused and then smiled. He held out a hand and looked to the girl.
    "A friend." 
The girl's eyes widened for a minute, a faint blush spreading to her cheeks. She took a small frail hand from her cloak and put it in Levi's. Her gaze went to his and it was in that moment they both realized that with one another,
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 91 35
Let the games begin!{LevixReader}
    You were sitting in your office when Hanji came barging into your room. You kept working on your paperwork until she grabbed your small form and dropped you on the floor in front of her feet. She put her hands on her hips and laughed.
    "(name) guess what!" She said as you got yourself off the ground and rubbed your bruised butt.
    "What the hell do you want Hanji. I'm really busy." You said starring at her with sharp (color) eyes. She started jumping up and down waving her hands around everywhere.
    "Erwin said that I could set up a field day on the training grounds! We can set up all these different games and activities and maybe even have a prize for the winner of the games! I want you to help and join!" She said and your jaw dropped.
    You sighed and walked back to your chair and slumped back down into it. Rubbing your temple with your fingers Hanji snickered and leaned next to your ear and whispered.
    "I al
:iconsamfury3:samfury3 695 139



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